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L for You

Logo Design / Paper Design / Sign Design   etc...
Category : Graphic

We have completed the entire design, including the logo, the sign, the menu, etc., of the grocery and cafe, "L for You", which will open in Minami - Aoyama, Tokyo
The logo design is based on the store's main concept, by having more beautiful and active stomachs, the lives of those who visits will be enriched and improve in quality,
​and expresses this concept in letter form

We absolutely recommend that anyone who will be in the area stop by

東京、南青山にオープンするグロッサリー&カフェ「L for You」のロゴデザインから店内サイン、メニュー等をトータルで担当させていただきました

お近くにお越しの際は 是非ともお立ち寄りくださいませ


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