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Branding, Product design, Concept making

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Hiroki Watanabe

Introducing the first collection released from the new brand KCML, specially established by a collaboration between product designer Yusuke Watanabe of WD Co., Ltd. and KOKI SHOKAI CO., LTD a manufacturer of precise riveting machines that are widely used by industries such as fashion, automobiles, aircrafts, medicine and precision equipment.
This brand aims to bring authentic riveting technologies cultivated by the pioneers of the industry and incorporate the techniques into our lives in a form of lifestyle products. The debut collection of stationeries utilizes an innovative method of swaging and will enliven your desktop.

服飾から自動車、航空機、精密機器、医療など、あらゆる分野で必要とされるカシメ機を製造している株式会社弘機商会と株式会社WDデザイナー渡辺佑介による新しいブランド『 K C M L 』
リベッティングマシンのパイオニアとして業界を先導してきた弘機商会がもつ「かしめる」技術をより美しく、日々の暮らしに取り入れる そんなことを目指したライフスタイルプロダクトブランド

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